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Dear Partners,

We hereby inform you that as of January 1, 2015 CRN Hungary Ltd. has merged with Special Effects International Ltd. and will continue its operation as Special Effects International Ltd. in the future.

Special Effects International Ltd. is the full legal successor of CRN Hungary Ltd. and thus all valid contractual rights and obligations of CRN Hungary Ltd. are legally effective for Special Effects International Ltd.

The merge is solely an administrative act, the company structure, the management and the employees remained unchanged, the provided equipment and service level continues to be of the highest quality.



CRN Hungary Ltd. was founded in 1994 by 5 former colleagues of the Hungarian Association of Technical and Natural Science Societies after the separation of its Technical Department. Same year the company became member of the Philips Congress Rental Network, aimed to introduce the latest Philips sound and interpretation systems in the European market. The membership allowed CRN to provide the most professional conference systems for events in Hungary.

In 2002 Bosch acquired the Philips conference equipment branch and since then the equipment used by CRN is branded as Bosch, keeping the very same high-level quality. Well-trained technicians are inevitable to operate this high-standard equipment therefore CRN technicians regularly participate in annual trainings at the Bosch factory in the Netherlands. Taking advantage of the CRN network currently counting 40+ member countries servicing the largest congresses and conventions cannot even be a problem as any equipment is available within 1-2 days at any European venue. For more details about the CRN network please visit

In the past 20 years the company became major audiovisual supplier of not only the corporate sector but government and association events, too. Utmost reliability and professionalism were the key factors why the company could service several NATO and INTERPOL conferences and has been selected the official technical supplier of the Hungarian EU-Presidency in 2011, servicing more than 300 successful events.

Awards & Testimonials

In 2012 CRN Hungary has been awarded ‘Member of the Year’ second time in a row within Congress Rental Network, an international group of major audiovisual and conference equipment supplier companies of the world.


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